Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another kitty on Cafe Press

Here is the second cat illustration to go on my Cafe Press store, it is a Silver Tabby as all you crazy cat lovers out there already know. It is available on t-shirts, mugs, a tote bag etc.....go take a look and treat yourself to something feline!

I think it's time for another recipe, don't you?...check back in a couple of days for something terribly British in the dessert department. I have a couple of wonderful old English recipes books so I shall peruse them on your behalf and come up with something divine you may have never heard of before...til then I will enjoy the unusual glow in the sky here that in other regions of the country is known as the is due to rain here in Maine YET AGAIN tomorrow evening at which point I may, indeed, completely lose the few marbles I have left!
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