Saturday, February 7, 2009

The RED Show at Aarhus Gallery, Belfast, Maine

"The Badge of Love" by ME
(James calls it "The LOVE Sheriff")
I did this artwork specifically for the RED Show and I have to tell you it was quite the challenge for me to stick to such a restrained colour pallette. You can't see it very well in this photo but the word LOVE is in red glitter ( I love glitter glue!) as are the 'balls' around the edge, looks so much better in person but I just couldn't get the glitter to show.
Here is my work in situ amongst the other RED works for the show, the gallery looked great decked out in so much red....very warming on a cold Maine winter's eve and a welcome contrast to the banks of snow piled up outside.
"Auspicious Omen/108 Compassions"
by James Strickland
This piece really is RED....James uses the most fantastic red for his artwork, it almost glows, why didn't my red turn out this way, I ask?

"Everlasting" by Willy Reddick
Willy has a lovely way of combining the hard edges of the metal 'frame' with a stunning illustration of a chrysanthemum...well done as always Willy.
"Rectangles are Yellow" by Wes Reddick
Another thing of beauty by Wes, the colours on this piece are very delicious and the surface is rich and intriguingly worked
"Elevation" by Annadeene K. Fowler
Love those polka dots! Annadeene's work is rich and inviting, it makes me happy to behold it's intricate nuances!

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