Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Maxfield Parrish kind of day in Maine.

I have always been very enamoured of the artwork of Maxfield Parrish and love the glimmering glow he achieved in his paintings - a process of layering thin paint 'washes' with alternating ones of varnish - a very clever technique that took inordinately long as each layer needed to dry between coats BUT until I moved to Maine I didn't realize he was basically emulating the amazing almost incandescent glow that is beheld in the scenery of New England at this time of the year. Most especially at twilight - when the leaves seem to be lit from within - I wonder if they are in fact ultraviolet or infrared and what the insects hereabouts are seeing with their superior vision. I cannot describe these colours to you so here, without further waffling, I give you an abundance of photographs that cannot do the scenery justice but give an inkling of the beauty here right now.

and lo - an industrious squirrel has been using an ancient apple tree as a butternut locker -
and also a plate - the treasures have been wedged in here for said squirrel to sit steadfast on the branch and nibble delicately at his treats - clever little thing :)
May your Autumn be as colourful!

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