Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My New Year's UN-resolution resolution.

Who on earth do I think I am kidding when I resolve to work in a neat and organized space? Surely, I don't believe it myself...I have been working in disorganized, unkempt, overloaded, messy, paint spattered mayhem for the past, let's-not-say-how-many years. This year I am forgiving myself this slovenliness and allowing myself to indulge in a practice I obviously feel comfortable with and which also appears to be the sign of an active mind and quite possibly is the domain of genius...or so I heard on NPR radio recently...or was it on TV?......anyways above are two pictures of the glorious mess I am indulging in right now...and this is relatively mild compared to how high the piles can get and how much 'stuff' I can squeeze into the smallest amount of space. If you too work this way give yourself a well earned break and revel in your lack of organization...don't forget it is a sign of brilliance!!! By the kitchen looks as bad when I cook but I haven't had the nerve to photograph that and let the world see.....quite yet!
Go ahead un-reslove yourself in 2009!
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