Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A quick gallivant to Bar Harbor, Maine and an unusual Ice Cream!!

 My lovely friends Liz and Gerry from South Australia (click on South Australia for a link to the song that's been bobbling around in my head since my friends arrived!) have come to Maine for a quick visit and yesterday we drove up to Bar Harbor for a wander around Mount Desert (pronounced dessert by the locals - who knows why, but I prefer that pronunciation - and we all know why...) and Acadia National Park on a beautiful, if a tad gusty, Maine soon-to-be-Autumn day. Here's an 'aerial' view of the town of Bar Harbor, Maine from the top of Cadillac Mountain - the first place on the continental United States to receive the rays of the sun each day, although some would disagree and say that honour goes to Mount Washington - but I digress.....

 Bar Harbor - or as the Maine-ahs would say Bahh-Hah-Bah - is a fun bustling, touristy but still pretty seaside town full of souvenir shops, outdoor bars, cafes, restaurants and ice cream - and guess what unique flavour you can try whilst you're there..... 
.....a very unsubtle clue above....
Yes that really is Lobster Ice Cream - I didn't partake of it this time but I have had it before and to be quite honest it's really pretty good - to me it tasted kinda coconutty, nutty, sweet and then when you hit a chunk of real lobster it is a little iodine-y sea salty - you probably wouldn't want a huge amount but I think it's worth a small cone just so you can say you've had it, why you can even mail order it - from Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium

 Also to be seen in the harbor - the old and the new - an elegant four masted schooner (my choice) and a giant, but I'm pretty sure not the biggest, modern cruise liner.

After a quick swish around town we drove off on the Park Loop, a very pleasant road in and around Acadia National Park with vistas every so often, pull offs for various and sundry landmarks including Thunder Hole which sadly was not Thunder Holing as the tide was out :(( and the ability on the two lane one way parts to stop in the right lane and wander around and take pics of the breathtaking vistas. We drove up Cadillac Mountain and the views were just glorious but my camera, or indeed I, didn't get great photos to do the scenes justice - do trust me they were gorgeous and if you get the chance you should go up there yourself one day for stunning panoramic views for miles around.

Next we stopped off at Jordan Pond to take a gander at the Bubbles seen below through a waft of early asters. At Jordan Pond you can avail yourself of Popovers and Tea on the lawn of Jordan Pond Restaurant if you so desire - a very traditional thing to do and a nice afternoon break.
Maine on a beautiful day - sublime!!

Now tell me true - would YOU try the Lobster Ice Cream??
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