Friday, November 9, 2012

My Cut and Sew Holiday Cocktail Napkin design for Spoonflower

Here is my entry to this week's Spoonflower competition whose mandate was as follows: Using a fat quarter (21" x 18") as your fabric canvas, create a set of Holiday themed cocktail napkins. We suggest sizing them up at 4.5 square with an additional 1/4" on each side to be used as a seam allowance.

Realizing that I had some extra space after the layout was complete I decided to embellish a little so the whole fat quarter had a nice cohesive look - something I have learned from other talented Spoonflowerers on cut and sew layouts. 

I began with the kernel of an idea I had sketched in pencil many years ago - a simple plaid tree:
...and after wambling through a number of concepts of varying complexity I decided to stick with a nice simple, shabby chic somewhat retro, old fashioned handkerchief design which I painted up in watercolour on paper in 4 individual motifs and a separate border design.

Here is the check holly with berries:
and polka dot versions of these two motifs:
Then I added a simple, clean border including a faux running stitch resulting in a set of four designs repeated three times on the fat quarter giving a set of one dozen cocktail napkins for your next Holiday party - phew, long sentence!

Would you do me the honour of voting for my design HERE 

There are 12 pages of designs and I'm afraid you can't skip to the end once you have found my design but there are some lovely and sweet designs on there so feel free to vote for as many designs as you like - you do so by just clicking on the design and a green box comes up around it...the images are shuffled for each view so I cannot say which page my design will be on.

In the next few days I will be redoing this cocktail napkin layout with my Pink Cupcake and am also planning on taking these Holiday motifs above and rendering them for wall decals at Spoonflower and all manner of fun things at my CafePress shop such as cocktail plates, coasters, a cocktail shaker, wine cooler and trays to complete the cocktail party motif, and also greeting cards, mugs, totes and more - which of my products would you like to see this design adorn?

PS You'll notice at my Spoonflower shop that all my designs are currently available for the Holiday season as rolls of gift wrap - just click on the link to purchase! Yippee!!

Thanks so very much from the bottom of my little cotton socks for your vote - Patricia  

 Now - who's up for Treacle Pudding? - my next recipe.

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