Monday, March 3, 2014

Stone Fox Farm Creamery kicks off their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign!

My dear friends Kathy and Bruce Chamberlain just started their crowndfunding Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds to purchase a second MobileCone and I thought I'd help spread the word by doing a blogpost about it. After all I did design their logo a few years ago and would love to see it writ large on another mobile ice cream stand plying the back roads of Maine!

"Thanks to our loyal customers who can't get enough of our ice cream, the MobileCone truck is in high demand! Because MobileCone can't be in two (or three! or four!) places at once, we are looking to acquire another mobile unit to bring our ice cream to even more people. With two trucks we can cover more of central and mid-coast Maine (and beyond!) Our ice cream is handcrafted using the best, natural ingredients, including local milk and cream, ensuring extremely delicious, flavorful ice cream you can feel good about eating."

If they achieve their goal the new MobileCone would employ one more person in Maine - and that's a good thing!!

Do watch their video - it's just lovely and speaks so well of who they are and what they do:

Here is the link to their campaign - no amount is too small to donate - 

...and you can follow them on FACEBOOK too :)
Best of luck dear Foxy!!

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