Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wall Clocks, Shower Curtains and more free worldwide shipping from my Society6 shop - hooray!!!

My Pink Cupcake on a rather grand scale
I am having so much fun right now designing shower curtains for my Society6 shop
I just love the new products they are adding to their repertoire over there at a nice slow doable pace, so you can catch up on your designing without feeling overwhelmed - each time a new product is added I, as one of their stable of designers, need to go back through the designs I have posted there and make sure they look good, or even work at all, for the newly listed product. So for the next few days I will be checking and uploading new layouts specifically for the curtains - they don't all have their shower curtain added - if you are interested in one of my designs that doesn't have it's shower curtain yet please E-MAIL me and let me know which one and I'll have it done in time for you to avail yourself of the free shipping.

Of the one's already ready to go, with free worldwide shipping no less, until March 9th 2014 - I am really chuffed with the oversized versions of my Pink Cupcake, Monarch Butterflies and Cuppa - I am always a fan of oversized images.
My Monarch Butterfly with Strawberries - also available on a golden faded background
Giant Cuppa and a cookie made by Carrington Lane Bakery

Pretty Iris Nouveau
And dynamic Europa
FREE worldwide shipping is available on all these shower curtains and the clocks below with THIS SPECIFIC LINK.
(In fact everything in my shop EXCEPT for framed prints, stretched canvases and pillows WITH inserts is available for this shipping offer :)
To see all the designs for a specific item in my shop - follow the link above and then look in the menu on your left for the products you are interested in, click on the name of the product, then you can see all of those items together - thanks!!
As you can see the wall clocks - which are 10" in diameter and !.75" deep - are available in three different  frames - natural wood, white and black.

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