Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cottage Chic Gingham and a flurry of activity in my online shops!

Pillow and iPhone 5S case from COTTAGE CHIC GINGHAM, clock and iPad case from COTTAGE CHIC GINGHAM II
The last few weeks have seen quite the busy bee of activity in my online shops from the addition of new textile allover designs and placement prints at my SPOONFLOWER shop, to new products at my SOCIETY6 shop and, most excitingly of all a new venture shop for wonderful spandex leggings and skirts at ARTofWHERE
which I am just starting to populate with my designs.

I cannot express how wildly thrilled I am at the burgeoning world of print on demand and the possibilities it holds for little old me!! That I can create capri's, leggings and skirts from really nice Canadian made spandex at ArtofWhere makes me jump over the moon with glee. I am chomping at the bit to really get some dynamic placement prints up there. Here's a mini taste test started with my newly created Cottage Chic Gingham design - a fresh country retro jolt of rustic modern.
As a former textile designer for the home decor and fashion industries in New York I now have the delight and fantastic freedom of creating my own self-art-directed designs for my own little coterie of online stores - I am chuffed (pleased) to bits I cannot deny. And another aspect of our wonderful new instant access interwebzz world is how easily a customer/client can be in touch with me via this blog, Facebook or Twitter to ask me for a special request - if you like a textile design in my Spoonflower shop but would like the scale reduced (smaller is always easier than larger) or a colour changed - that can be tricky but sometimes it is doable  - you can ask me and I will, if possible, make your wish my happy command - if you see a design in one shop but would like it on an item at another shop - you get it - just ask and if it works for me I'll do it for you, and pretty sharpish too!

 So now when I create a new design, such as Cottage Chic Gingham, I have to take into consideration the very largest of formats I will be applying my new design to - right now that would be the wondrous new duvet covers at Society6

Until August 10th you can get free worldwide shipping (that applies to most items in my shop (there'll be a note next to the items that are eligible) PLUS $10 off each duvet cover with the following

Biker tanks are also new at SOCIETY6 - and I like the contrast of biker with cottage chic thus:

I also have to consider that I'll need allover repeating designs for Spoonflower for fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper and then many differently sized and shaped placement prints that should work perfectly for each of the different products I now have available for sale from Samsung Galaxy S5 cases to laptop skins, mugs, rugs and apparel. 
Cottage Chic Gingham allover repeat - which contains within it the beginnings of all the placement prints.

BTW I have entered a "Call for Art" with my Cottage Chic Gingham so keep your fingers crossed for me - thanks!

 Because of the vicissitudes of digital printing I have to scan my work, which is created by hand in watercolour on paper, at very high resolutions in order to be able to use my work for large scale applications, so I start with the largest and then work down to the smallest items - that being the smart phone cases. It is a fun, interesting and exciting process to do, somewhat akin to piecing a puzzle together - involving a little bit of Maths, and I am glad to say I just love every minute of it!

I have added a few other new designs to my Spoonflower shop - at the behest of a lovely customer I have created these following designs comprised of a striped collage  of other of my designs, which she is planning to sew into tote bags - they are  all designed to be a complete, self contained 'fat quarter' which is the size of the totes. I love that this customer wants such happy, wildly colorful and energetic designs - it was a fun project to work on and now all these prints are available to the public at large.
A placement version of Cottage Chic Gingham to use for a fat quarter tote bag - available HERE 
My "Europa" design combined with a hand painted plaid - click HERE to go to this design at Spoonflower
My "Alpen Rose" and "Lotus Mandala" designs combined - please click HERE to go to this design at Spoonflower
My Pink Cupcakes and and three pink ground fabrics combined - please click HERE to go to this design at Spoonflower
And perhaps whackiest of all my Rainbow Roosters on 4 different Heidi Folkloric designs to create 4 fat quarters in one yard - pretty eyeball boggling perhaps? Click HERE to go to the fabric page.
The last 2 designs I have added in these busy weeks is Westminster Mandala - on white and black grounds respectively:
Which look pretty dynamic as wallpaper:
Westminster wallpaper on black
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