Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kitty cats on Cafe Press!

Here is the latest addition to my Cafe Press Online Store. As you regulars out there will know my eyeballs are now quite square after spending so much time in front of the computer screen due to our so-last-century lack of high speed connection but never fear after I have written this I am off for a cuppa and YES...a piece of cake...I kid you not!
This illustration of a Maine Coon cat amid purple irises was originally commissioned by a company in New York called Andrea by Sadek. They made beautiful porcelain plates, mugs and little teapots of the cat designs I painted in watercolour. Sadly they are no longer available which is why I decided to do my own version on Cafe Press. I will occasionally add in the other cats I illustrated including a marmalade, silver tabby and calico. I'll post the images here when I do.
Sweet dreams!!
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